The Evergreen Chinese Academy

The Evergreen Chinese Academy was established in 2005 by Drs. Douglas and Belinda Louie.  Dr. Douglas Louie received his medical degree and his doctorate in Psychology from the University of Washington. He is practicing medicine fulltime while serving as the founding pastor of the Chinese Christian Church of Tacoma. Dr. Belinda Louie obtained her doctorate in Education from the University of Washington. Currently she is a full professor at the Education Program at UW Tacoma.  The Evergreen Chinese Academy has received provisional status to offer foreign language credits through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. The academy is also a member of the Chinese School Association in the United States.

The mission of the Evergreen Chinese Academy is to teach Chinese language, customs and culture in a nourishing environment to develop and enhance students’ Chinese proficiency and prepare them to meet the challenges of an intensely competitive global society.  In addition, the Academy aims at promoting cross-cultural understanding, cultivating appreciation of Chinese heritage and culture through language classes as well as participation in local community events and activities. We strongly believe that a dynamic and relevant curriculum, delivered with innovative instructional strategies grounded in language acquisition research, will provide a strong framework for language learning to occur.

Our curriculum is based on Standards for Chinese Language Learning developed by the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS).  Our approach is appropriate for children and adults in the United States, interactive and engaging. Teachers use instructional strategies that are derived from current research in Chinese language teaching and learning, aiming at mastery and fluency. In addition to age-appropriate textbooks, our instructional materials include children’s literature, DVDs, online activities, CDs, movies, and games.

The academy is housed in a church building with over 10,000 sq ft. We have well-equipped classrooms, computer lab, library for students, professional library for instructors, kitchen (we offer free, homemade breakfast), music room, taichi room, and a newly constructed outdoor playground.

Books by Dr. Belinda Louie

Testimonials From Parents

“Globally speaking, we understand that mandarin is the language of the future.  As parents of two adopted Chinese daughters we believe it is imperative our children learn the language of their native land as well as the language of the future — mandarin. We are grateful to the Evergreen Chinese Academy (ECA) for providing beginning to advanced language programs for families of all types.  We are also grateful for the additional courses — Tai chi, Martial arts, Chinese Harp, Chinese brush painting, Chinese summer camp –  ECA offers to children and adults alike.  For two years our family has benefited greatly from the resources ECA brings to our community.  How fortunate our Asian American family is to have the offerings of the ECA.”

-Lori and Richard Brudvik Lindner

“Kaeli asks each night before going to bed “Will I go to Chinese school tomorrow?” and then claps with glee and yells “Yeah!” when she hears she will be.  Belinda and her staff are caring, capable and compassionate people who are focused on making learning fun for the children.  We are greeted every morning with open arms, kind words and welcoming smiles.  The staff is focused on making learning fun for the children, which has helped Kaeli blossom and advance so quickly.  She ends each day smiling from ear to ear and has wonderful things to share with us – crafts she has made during the day, stories to tell, new words to share.  We wish the school was full-time year round!”

-Cheryl Towne

“Evergreen Chinese Academy has become another home for my child!  Drs. Louie are gifted and visionary principals, supported by a wonderful array of creative and compassionate instructors.  The variety of approaches to Chinese language and culture include many activities enjoyed by children of all ages, such as crafts, dance, and music.  An atmosphere of positive energy, warmth, and caring is apparent throughout the building.  I would recommend Evergreen Chinese Academy to anyone seeking a rewarding learning experience!”

-Sally Carman

“My two daughters have been students at the Evergreen Chinese Academy since January 2008. Belinda Louie, the co-principal, effectively leads the academy staff by setting a tone of positive discipline and caring dedication to all children.  Parents and children feel very comfortable and welcome as soon as they enter the door to Evergreen Chinese Academy.  I appreciate the school’s commitment to the care and welfare of all children.  The teachers provide each child with a solid understanding of the Chinese culture and the Mandarin language. Seldom can one find an educator who epitomizes dedication, care, and compassion that you will find in Mrs. Louie.”

- Christine Kilduff