We offer beginning and intermediate Mandarin Chinese language classes for  adults. Understanding the needs of adult learners, our adult Chinese language curriculum is highly functional, focusing on daily conversations and simplified characters. Our instructors are highly fluent in English and Chinese with in-depth knowledge of both American and Chinese cultures. They provide a relaxed learning environment for adult learners.

The beginning class will help adult learners become familiar with Chinese basic vocabulary, pronunciation, and basic grammar. This class will cover daily dialogues with simple activities on essential topics such as greetings, dates and times, family, and shopping. The instructor will also teach Pinyin “spelled sound,” which is a system for transliterating Chinese ideograms into the Roman alphabet, officially adopted by the People’s Republic of China in 1979. Pinyin is very helpful to beginning learners as they acquire the sound and the written characters. Students will also learn to write Chinese characters in basic stroke order.

The intermediate class is for adults who have some knowledge of Mandarin. Students will continue to learn to speak, to read, and to write in Chinese. The instructor will cover more topics of interest about Chinese cultural traditions and topics for professionals who are interested in working in the contemporary Chinese world. Adult learners will gradually learn more formal speech and written language.

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